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The Drake Firm is offering a new initiative called STEP UP

What is STEP-UP?

STEP UP is Personalized Estate Planning for You, Your Family and Your Future.


  1. STEP UP for Your Family

  2. STEP UP for Your Home

  3. STEP UP for Your Future

  4. STEP UP for Yourself

We often do not have time to plan for the future of our assets, property and our family. Our STEP UP program will allow you focus on what is important for you and your family.


Our law firm will create a personalized estate plan for your family. Our firm will also discuss any future needs such as caring for older relatives or creating that small business or non-profit you always dreamed of. 


Please contact the Drake Firm so you can STEP UP for yourself and your family.


Protect your Assets Protect your Home     Protect your Business

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